Welcome to P-STEM

The P-STEM Foundation is a STEM organisation, in love with getting more Southern African youth into the growing arena of STEM. STEM skills are increasingly becoming the passport to fun, creative and diverse careers. Unfortunately, Southern Africa faces a growing youth unemployment problem, and with 1 in 3 careers being in STEM,  also a skills shortage. As P-STEM, we are passionate about  aligning the youth we have in abundance, with STEM skills, to ensure access to all types of opportunities, particularly for youth from historically disadvantaged communities. Find out more about P-STEM below.

A little bit about us...

About Us

Who we are

The P-STEM Foundation is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) engagement organisation working in historically disadvantaged communities. We focus on creating awareness of, sparking interest in, changing perceptions of and developing skills in STEM. With Southern Africa’s high youth unemployment and a growing demand for STEM skills we exist to channel youth into STEM opportunities successfully.

Why we exist

Southern Africa is confronting high youth unemployment issues, coupled with a growing skills shortage. Skilled positions, predominately in fields with a STEM involvement, remain unfilled for long periods of time. The P-STEM Foundation strives to redress that by channelling & supporting at risk youth into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) education and careers. Changing the unjustified perception that STEM is for exclusive individuals. STEM can be Fun, Relatable and attainable by anybody.

What we do

P-STEM focuses on the following:

  • Increasing the familiarity and interest to a wide variety of STEM careers, in communities and schools, particularly in the historically disadvantaged communities of Southern Africa.
  • Redressing negative perceptions regarding STEM in disadvantaged communities.
  • Supporting grass root organisations in communities that are promoting STEM and supporting STEM education.
  • Increasing the visibility and forecasting of STEM education and career opportunities.

Community Engagement

STEM Community Engagment Model

The way we engage in our communities follows a 4 step plan, detailed below

Step 1: STEM School Talks

STEM School Talk is a 20 minutes activity that we run during assembly to create awareness of what STEM is, what are the opportunities in STEM and how STEM is a basic skill for most careers going forward. We also like to introduce to the school our STEM School challenge.

Step 2: STEM Community Day

The SCD is a mini science and tech fair held in a community and focuses on building interest in STEM. The community day is free to all community members and fun experiments, demos, competitions and quizzes are run throughout the day to engage with members of the community in STEM. We also demonstrate the importance of STEM through showcasing STEM work at different corporate and entrepreneur stands

Step 3: After Schools Programs

ASP’s are clubs or camps run after schools or during school holidays in a community focusing on developing learner’s skills and confidence in STEM, thus preparing them for a future in the STEM fields. The ASP’s are free and include but not limited to fun experiments, demos and projects run to encourage learners to engage in problem solving, exploring and building activities

Step 4: Monitoring  & Evaluation

Communities We Operate In:

Community Province CBO Years Active
Empangeni KwaZulu -Natal We live to learn, Sifundela ukuphila 2015- Present
Soweto Gauteng Tsogang Sechaba Community Project 2013- Present
Diepsloot Gauteng Rhiza Babuyile 2016- Present
Boitekong North West Boitekong Progressive Youth 2016- Present
Alexandra Gauteng Rays of Hope 2013- Present
Tshaulu Limpopo LGAMC 2015- Present

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