Curriculum intervention – Diepsloot

Education is not preparation for life, it is life. – John Dewey 

Diepsloot is home to many and also the communities we work frequently work in. We’ve done a range of activities in this community but this time the P-STEM Foundation visited Diepsloot West Primary School.


On the 29th of March 2017 we drove to the north of Johannesburg to have a curriculum intervention in one of our favourite communities. The aim of the day was to educate the learners present about respiration and photosynthesis. The to 2 pairs of grade 8 classes that we saw engaged in a carefully thought out discussion about what they think respiration and photosynthesis is and then what the scientific definition is. After we divided the class into groups the competitive edge made these eager scientists a little more enthusiastic when it comes to learning, especially because there were prizes to be won. 

The day proved to be an absolute success. The learners were nourished with an almost remedial type of class, during their school hours and they enjoyed it! 

This is just another way we are ensuring that STEM is fun relatable and attainable for all. For more information or to see more of how the day played out follow us on Facebook and Twitter 




If Hidden Figures was been released about a decade ago, we would probably label it as a “nice movie” and we would all move on.

We live in the time where we’re forced to recognize the necessity of STEM in our society especially amongst women, it would be a shame to turn a blind eye on the potential impact this movie can have on our mission to make STEM fun, relatable and attainable.

The P-STEM Foundation in conjunction with Masala Films hosted the pre-screening of this movie on the 22nd of February at the Rosebank Cinema in Johannesburg. The film then made it’s debut to the South African audience 2 days days later. Those fortunate enough to attend the pre-screening had nothing but praises to sing regarding the movie. 

Our list of attendees ranges from University students who have either completed or working towards a qualification in STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics), educators, STEM enthusiasts/influencers, SANSA (South African National Space Agency) representitives and so many more. Watch the video below to see what some of the attendees had to say: 

Thank you to everybody who made this day possible. Make sure you watchthis movie, if you haven’t already!