Curriculum intervention – Diepsloot

Education is not preparation for life, it is life. – John Dewey 

Diepsloot is home to many and also the communities we work frequently work in. We’ve done a range of activities in this community but this time the P-STEM Foundation visited Diepsloot West Primary School.


On the 29th of March 2017 we drove to the north of Johannesburg to have a curriculum intervention in one of our favourite communities. The aim of the day was to educate the learners present about respiration and photosynthesis. The to 2 pairs of grade 8 classes that we saw engaged in a carefully thought out discussion about what they think respiration and photosynthesis is and then what the scientific definition is. After we divided the class into groups the competitive edge made these eager scientists a little more enthusiastic when it comes to learning, especially because there were prizes to be won. 

The day proved to be an absolute success. The learners were nourished with an almost remedial type of class, during their school hours and they enjoyed it! 

This is just another way we are ensuring that STEM is fun relatable and attainable for all. For more information or to see more of how the day played out follow us on Facebook and Twitter 




If Hidden Figures was been released about a decade ago, we would probably label it as a “nice movie” and we would all move on.

We live in the time where we’re forced to recognize the necessity of STEM in our society especially amongst women, it would be a shame to turn a blind eye on the potential impact this movie can have on our mission to make STEM fun, relatable and attainable.

The P-STEM Foundation in conjunction with Masala Films hosted the pre-screening of this movie on the 22nd of February at the Rosebank Cinema in Johannesburg. The film then made it’s debut to the South African audience 2 days days later. Those fortunate enough to attend the pre-screening had nothing but praises to sing regarding the movie. 

Our list of attendees ranges from University students who have either completed or working towards a qualification in STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics), educators, STEM enthusiasts/influencers, SANSA (South African National Space Agency) representitives and so many more. Watch the video below to see what some of the attendees had to say: 

Thank you to everybody who made this day possible. Make sure you watchthis movie, if you haven’t already! 

Girls into STEM Conference

International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations; it is also called the Day of the Girl and the day is celebrated on October 11 every year.


The First Day of the Girl was celebrated in 2012. On Friday the 7th of October, the P-STEM foundation hosted its first “Girls into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) conference.


Our theme for the day was “Empowering women through STEM.’’ We invited 270 ladies from around South Africa, including high school learners, varsity students, graduates and experienced professionals to the Sci-bono discovery centre for a day of networking. This was also the official kick start to our new Thanda STEM programme, where we give all ladies present the opportunity to mentor and to be mentored.

Our key note speaker was none other than Ms’ Mary- Jane Morifi who gave our girls boundless words of encouragement. We were also fortunate enough to have Shirley Motaung for women in science, Jeanette and Candice of Dell EMC for the women in technology. Camille Agon of ‘We think code’ and Professor Bea Lacquet to mention a few.
For more information or to keep up with the movements of the P-STEM Foundation follow us on our social media pages.


National Science Week

August, not only is summer right around the corner it is also National Women’s Month. For us, it is also the month where National Science Week sweeps the nation!

The theme this year was “Science for Sustainable Development and Improved Quality of Life”, which took place from the 8th – 13th August.

We began our #NSW2016 journey by inviting the Rustenburg community of Boitekong to our STEM Community Day which was held at Tshirologang Primary School on Saturday, August 13th.

After  brief interview on Radio Mafisa, we set sail for Boitekong Secondary School, Letsibogo Primary School and Abana Primary School. We gave them a glimpse of what to expect during the STEM Community Day. We delivered presentations covering a range of topics including renewable energy sources and how we use them, accidental science discoveries and different careers in STEM. In total, we reached a mind blowing total of 5131 learners!

The turn out during the STEM Community Day was so much more than we could’ve anticipated and asked for. In total, 1 369 community members came through for our STEM Community Day, which included electronics presentations from Geekulcha, fun demo’s and competitions from the Funda Scienze, Funda Technologik, Funda Mathematiks and Funda Robotiks teams, and a STEM career guidance and role models stand. All community members who attended where provided with take away resources including magazines and STEM careers booklets.

All in all, the day was a great success. Working with Boitekong Progressive Youth, our CBO partner was a tremendous success. The passion and drive that they exude with regards to their community is truly moving and inspirational, we cannot express our gratitude enough.


There literally isn’t enough vocabulary to express the roller-coaster of emotions and humbling gratitude that we as the P-STEM team feel. You can re-live our Rustenburg experience by checking out our Facebook, Twitter and  Amaphiko pages for more pictures and information.

Mandela Day 2016

STEM fanatics!

July 2016 was another superb month for the P-STEM Foundation let’s fill you in:

We kicked off the month with a Mandela Day groundwork session on the 2nd of July, led by our volunteer Electrical Engineers. With their help, we put together a Diabetes workshop that combined teaching on Diabetes with introducing bio-medical engineering concepts. This was effectively achieved by the learners and Accenture volunteers on Mandela Day, with a total of 34 learners present. The primary school learners built an informative chart that shows us the sugar/glucose levels in food that we consume every day, while our high school students went on to create an artificial pancreas system model, with the guidance of our esteemed volunteers.


It doesn’t end there. We also trained 13 facilitators for a distinct after schools program in Alexandra township. In partnership with Rays of Hope and City Hill Church on the 2nd of July. This program will target 60 learners from child-headed households who are struggling with Maths and Science. The Program will officially launch on Tuesday 26 July.

STEM Community Day in Diepsloot


While everybody was getting ready to pull out the fur coats from the back of the closet, The P-STEM Foundation was getting up to its own mischief.

On the 14th of May we had a great STEM Community Day in Diepsloot at the Youth Centre and Library. The weather wasn’t as sunny as we excepted but the day was still a huge success none the less. On the day community members and learners had the opportunity to learn more about STEM. There were fun demonstrations and experiments from our Funda programs and HartRAO. As if that wasn’t enough, attendees also had the chance to engage with STEM role models, ASABA (Association of South African Black Actuarial Professionals) and Outclass SA representatives, who had lots of appreciated information for the community members and learners.

Thank you to all our volunteers and exhibitors who worked tirelessly to make this a boundless event.